Best Bowfishing Bows

Top 5 Reviews of Best Bowfishing Bows and Arrows

Buying the bowfishing bow and arrow kit is as exciting as the sport itself. All that you need is to get yourself well educated on some major factors to make the best decision.

As long as you know what you want to get buying yourself the best bowfishing bow that matches your physic and style is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Read on and you will develop a good understanding in no time.

Taking up bowfishing as a hobby can be very entertaining staying close to the nature. It can be challenging, fulfilling and rewarding at the same time. To get the most out of this sport you need to get the kind of equipment that matches your abilities without bogging you down.

Below is the list of Fishingbows that we reviewed and I’m sure you will find them helpful when getting one for yourself.

Parker Stingray Open Sight

Parker Stingray Open Sight

Bowfishing has generally been the realm of compound bows. But that changed with this first bowfishing crossbow built specifically for bowfishing.

Best of all it comes with a complete bowfishing combo kit so there is nothing that needs to be added or altered. All that’s left for you to do is to just get out and get some fish.

It’s accuracy and speed are its biggest advantage. That is the main reason why it fares better than the compound bows for bowfishing. This is the only bowfishing bow and arrow kit with a Crossbow in our round up… and a good one at that.

Compared to other crossbows it’s definitely light weight and compact. Because it’s built on a perfectly balanced design, it is very easy to carry and maneuver.

Size does not matter with stingray. When you have a bow like stngray in hand, you will feel confident to go after any size fish.

Stingray’s adjustable draw weight range from 100-120 pounds makes any fish from medium to monster size, easy to target with stingray. That makes this crossbow is a clear standout from the competition in bowfishing bow and arrow kit category.

This is a safe bow with it’s ambidextrous auto-engage safety feature. Stingray can be cocked and loaded with ease thanks to its easy-draw system. Combine that with smooth and crisp trigger pull and you have a lethal weapon that the fish just can’t out run.

Amazon has good deals going on this season on bowfishing bow and arrow kit packages. You should head on to Amazon to find out more about this bow and arrow kit.

What’s in this Bowfishing Bow and Arrow Kit Package

  • Open Sight
  • Reel
  • Line
  • Bowfishing arrow
  • Pre-mounted retriever system
  • AMS Retriever Pro bowfishing scope
  • Ultra-compact stock
  • Pistol grip
  • G-2 Bull Pup trigger

User Review – Pros:

  • More accurate than compound
  • Good for 50lbs catch
  • American standard of quality
  • Cocks without cocking mechanism
  • Easy to cock for 9 years old

User Review – Cons:

  • Cocking bar prone to rust
  • Under powered than advertised
  • Retreiving maybe challenging
  • Arrow in the kit is basic
  • Metals and screw might Rust


  • 23″ axle to axle.
  • Weighs 7 1/2 lbs.
  • Draw weight range from 100 to 125 lbs

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch

Top of the line in bowfishing combo kits, the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch gets you on the road for bowfishing right out of the box.

Not too keen on building your own bowfishing package? This beast is a tailor made bowfishing bow and arrow package that is specifically designed for bowfishing.

Although you can get it in both bow-only and ready-to-fish bowfishing bow and arrow kit It’s combo package will save you from experimenting with different accessories and parts.

Add to that the convenience of two interchangeable draw modules. First is the specific draw module while the second is a constant draw module that has 60 percent let off. In both cases the draw length does not change – 17 to 31 inches is the draw length in both cases.

It has deeper cam grooves to prevent derailing of the strings. Since all your action will take place close to water the deep cam grooves will help keep the strings on even if the strings get wet.

The kit that is designed for this bow is the best and most complete bowfishing bow and arrow kit in the market. Fishing biscuit arrow rest, Cajun hybrid bowfishing reel, and Cajun blister buster finger pads are part of the complete combo package.

In case you don’t have to run off to the store to get the arrows for your bow, they are added in the package as well. Not one but two arrows. Both made of fiber glass and topped with piranha tips to give you complete and powerful bowfishing experience.

p.s. The customers who bought this on Amazon have raving reviews for this bow. Check it out on Amazon. I will defeintly recommend this in the compound fishingbow category.

What’s in this Bowfishing Bow and Arrow Kit Package

  • Fishing biscuit arrow rest
  • Cajun blister buster finger pads
  • Cajun Hybrid fishing reel
  • 2 white fiberglass piranha arrows
  • Rtf (ready to fish) package
  • Easy Pull Bow fishing Package
  • Best reel on the market

User Review – Pros:

  • This is a great bowfishing setup
  • Great Bow for Great Price
  • Good Accessories combo
  • Great balance and swing
  • A fish killing machine
  • Best bowfishing bow for money

User Review – Cons:

  • Reel rattling after a few shots
  • Burs in grooves of Cam wheel
  • Reel not smooth on missed shots
  • Broken string after 10 shots
  • Reel Tangles in line
  • Accessories not the best


  • 35.25″ axle to axle.
  • Weighs 3.2 lbs.
  • Draw weight range from 30 to 50 lbs

PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit

PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit

This fishing bow is hard-shooter and durable. Not the most modern and technical beast in the market but provides a very good bowfishing bow and arrow combo package on a budget.

PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit is definitly marketed as a beginner and youth fishngbow kit. It does not have the latest and greatest of everything but quite the opposite in the package.

This package contains the bare minimum that any beginner would need to get started in bowfishing.

The bow itself is decently strong and durable with an all season camo. It’s a recurve bow that generally produce some noise when the bow is shot and this one is no exception. The noise will not matter as much while bowfishing as it would with other game as fish don’t as easily get spooked away with noise.

Recurve bows are now a thing of the past and have been replaced by more precise, compact and quiet compound bows. But if you’re in Love with the recurve shape, maybe you should consider this.

All that said, this bow does the basics very well. When an arrow is shot it gives it enough punch to propel it through water fast enough to catch the fish off guard.

It’s easy to carry and transport because of it’s simplistic design and shape. Lesser weight because of lesser gadgets also help keeping its design light and compact.

P.S. People who bought this were generally looking for a basic beginner and low priced fishingbow. Amazon has this for sale on even better price. Most were getting it for occasional shooting and bowfishing.

What’s in this Bowfishing Bow and Arrow Kit Package

  • Right Hand Only
  • All Season Camo Finish
  • Front mounting reel,
  • 50 feet of 80 lbs test line,
  • 31 in. solid fiberglass arrow with point, and
  • The new Snap Shot arrow rest

User Review – Pros:

  • Solidly built
  • Nicely finished
  • Sharp looking
  • Powerful and durable

User Review – Cons:

  • Heavy and noisy
  • The grip is a bit thin
  • Flat shelf on the riser
  • Strips plastic vanes off arrows


  • 36.8″ axle to axle.
  • Weighs 3.2 lbs.
  • Draw weight range from 25 to 40 lbs

Advanced PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Package

Advanced PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Package

Surprise – surprise ! ! ! The PSE Kingfisher bow has shown in another one of our reviews. This bowfishing bow and arrow kit package is completely different.

This package is most certainly geared towards and advanced bowfihing hunter. Maybe it can also be picked up by beginner or youth who want to take up bowhunting more seriously and for longer term.

What make this kingfisher bow combo kit better is the AMS Retriever #310 which is regarded as the best retriever in the industry hands down. Add to that 2 sureshot penetrator arrows with safety slides and you have yourself a bowfishing setup that is hard to be denied.

The bow itself is made with Aluminum handle and fiber glass limbs which keep the bow light enough. The rubber no glove finger protection is ideal for bowfishing in wet environment. Protecting your fingers from blister will give you long days of bowfishing.

So if you are looking for a good quality kit that you can continue to use year after year without breaking bank. This advance bowfishing package with PSE kingfisher should be top of the list for you.

A bow like this would make you want to go fishing every day. Find out more about this on Amazon.

What’s in this Bowfishing Bow and Arrow Kit Package:

  • The AMS Retriever #310 is regarded as one of the finest bowfishing reels ever.
  • The reel comes equipped with 25 feet of strong 130 lbs test line.
  • 2 (two) Sure Shot arrows with Penetrator fish points.
  • Arrows come with AMS Safety Slides attached.
  • Fish Arrow Bowfishing Rest (Roller-Style Arrow Rest).
  • Bow is Right Hand Only.
  • All Season Camo Finish.

User Review – Pros:

  • Good finger protection
  • Best bowfishing reel ever
  • 2 Arrows with Stainless steel tips
  • Retrieves the line without tangles

User Review – Cons:

  • Arrow Rest is kinda small.
  • Noisy while shooting
  • A little on heavy side
  • Right hand only


  • 36.8″ axle to axle.
  • Weighs 3.2 lbs.
  • Draw weight range from 25 to 40 lbs

PSE Discovery Bowfishing Pkg

What’s in this Bowfishing Bow and Arrow Kit Package

  • Light and compact design
  • Constant draw length out to 30″
  • Brace height:6-1/2″ Axle-to-axle:31-1/2″ Mass weight:2
  • Color is ReaperH20XL
  • Constant draw weight for snap shooting
  • Draw weight is 40 pounds

Buyers Guide for Bowfishing combo kit

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at bowfishing, the following information will help you make an informed decision at what type of equipment should you chose for yourself. Wikipedia defines it as “A method of fishing that uses specialised archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish”

What is Draw Weight?

When considering the draw weight, a basic rule of thumb is “The taller and stronger you are, you can choose a bow with higher draw weight”.

When you’re making a decisions on your next bowfishing kit combo, just getting a bowfishing bow or just getting a bow, Draw weight is one of the main factors to consider.

The reason why draw weight is of vital consideration is that it will play an important role in shooting an arrow whether you’re shooting a fish in water or a large pray on land.

In simple terms it’s the amount of force/weight required to pull back the string and hold it steady without the need of any aid.

Learn archery website has a very detailed explanation about why draw weight is so important and how does it affect shooting.

The draw weight of bows ranges from 30 to 80 lbs on most bows. What suits you best will depend on your strength, ability, technic and the length of your both hands when stretched to the sides.

Other factors like your age and gender also come into play but in general they do not affect the draw weight too much.

Does Bowfishing Kit Combo Includes Reel?

Bowfishing Reel is what makes the bowfishing arrow different from other compound arrows. Should you really care whether your fishing bow has a reel attached to it right out of box.

Well if it’s your first bow and you don’t have too much of an idea about the equipment then might as well go with the bowfishing kit combo rather than going through the hassle of constructing your own.

This will save you time and get your feet wet in the ocean of bowfishing while you become more familiar with the details of what exactly suits your style of hunting.

The fishing line in the reel attaches to the Rail on the arrow. In some cases the arrows do not have a rail so it connects to the back of the arrow(More on this in the arrow section).

So once the arrow is shot and the fish is on the arrow, it’s reeled in the same way as any fishing rod. The bow acts as the rod and works as the lever to pull while the line is wound back through the bowfishing reel.

The bowfishing reels being sold in the market are of two types, open or concealed in the drum. Concealed reels are better in my opinion because they keep the line from getting stuck with the ends of the reel.

What Hand Orentation of the bow you need?

While hunting for a bowfishing bow – pun intended – there is a very important factor that needs to be kept in mind – Not all bows are designed the same.

To make it easy for you to understand – The Right handed bows are actually held in your left had while the arrow is shot from the right – your dominant – hand.

For the left handed bows it’s the opposite.

While that might sound odd when we talk about it, but you wouldn’t think twice when you’re actually holding one in your hand.

Most of the bows are made with people with Right dominant hand in mind. That should not discourage the left handed from taking up bowfishing for fun though.

Left handed bows are not that hard to find in the market. There might be lesser choices but finding a quality bow that fits your requirements is not that hard to find.

Archery talk forum has a great in depth discussion about hand orientation and how it may affect your shooting.

Nonetheless, not giving it a thought and just picking up one for your non-dominant hand may just make it completely useless for you. The right bow for you does not have to be right handed, So make sure to give it some thought before buying one.

How to calculate Dimensions(Draw Length)?

Your draw length plays a vital part on what bowfishing bow you should choose. What you want to do is to match your draw length with that of the bow you want to get. A mismatch will compromise your shooting experience and that is that last thig you want while on the hunt.

There are couple of ways to measure your draw length.

The most accurate would be for you to stretch your arms out to form a T. Making sure that you’re standing up straight. Then keeping your shoulders in the same positions bend the elbow of your dominant and bend your head to look towards your stretched hand.

The draw length would be measured from the tip of the fingers of your stretched out hand to the edge of your mouth.

The second option would be to measure your stretched out arms while standing up straight forming a T. The measurement should be from the tip of the farthest finger on each side. Now take that measurement and divide it by 2.5. That should give you an almost accurate draw length.

Determining the draw length is explained in detail at Hunter’s friend website in their bow fitment guide.

Third and recommend method is to go to a bow shop and have the pros measure the draw length for you. They’ve done it many times and know exactly how to measure it and help you match up with the best bow possible.

How much Weight will be suitable for me?

Bowfishing is generally a lot more fast paced than large game hunting. You will be spending a lot of time drawing the fishing bow to full draw and holding that draw for some time before shooting.

All you need are bowfishing bow and arrow that are light enough to be held on full draw without causing much of a fatigue to your shoulder muscles. If they’re light then carrying them around does not feel like a chore either.

Choosing the light but strong bow will give you the best bowfishing experience.

The weight of the fishing bow can be anywhere between 3 – 5 lbs for the most popular bows. Weight of the reel cylinder would be additional so try to get that as light as possible.

There are several materials used for the construction of bows. Aluminium, plastic fiber, carbon fiber or mixture of carbon and Aluminum are some of the materials. The weight of your bow will vary greatly based on the material used to build it.

Fishing bows constructed with Carbon fiber are the strongest bows with the least amount of weight. Most bowfishing kits come with fishing bows made with carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber bows are generally the most expensive as well. Nonetheless, it’s money worth spending when you consider comfort and strength of carbon fiber. Add to that, Carbon fiber is warm to touch and excellent for cold weather conditions.

Arrow Parts and types

Bowfishing bow and arrow kit is not complete unless you have at least one arrow included with it. Bowfishing arrow is a specialized arrow that is made specifically for bowfishing. So obviously it cannot be used for any other kind of bow hunting.

Bowfishing arrow has multiple parts that contribute it to being a better, stronger and effective arrow for different type of fish in the water.

In addition to that there may be specialized arrows for different type of fish as well mainly depending on their size but in general if you’re staying below the 20-25 lbs fish , your single bow supplied with the bowfishing bow and arrow kit should suffice.

A bowfishing arrow consist of the following main parts.

arrow parts

  • Shaft: The materials used in the shaft determines how strong an arrow is. Aluminum, fiber glass, carbon fiber and aluminum carbon fiber mix are some of the materials used in manufacturing the arrow shaft.
  • Rail: Specific to the Bowfishing only, arrow rails distinguish bowfishing arrows from all other arrow types. The rail helps secure the fishing line and acts as a safety for the shooter making sure that the fishing line stays to the far side of the bow. If arrow rail is not used, there is a danger of the arrow flipping back and hurting the shooter.
  • Nock: This is on the opposite side of the arrow point. This the part that notches on to the bow string and keeps the arrow from slipping on the bow.
  • Point: Top part of the arrow that penetrates the fish. Good quality arrows would have a replaceable point. Just like the shaft, the point also comes in the variety of materials. Material of the point should be chosen based on the size of the fish you want to bowfish.
  • Barb: Barb is what makes the fish stay stuck to the arrow. Bowfishing arrow barb should be reversible. That makes it easy take the arrow out of the fish once the fish has been reeled in.

Warranty on parts

Should it come to this, the warranty can come in very handy. Bows are normally built to be used in the rugged environment so user handling might always come in to question. But even then most manufacturers honor their warranty and stand by the quality of their product.

All manufacturers would offer some type of warranty. The warranty period will vary for each manufacturer. So it’s best to get yourself educated about how long the warranty will last.

It will also help to know well before buying as to what type of warranty is being offered. That will help you understand what is covered and what isn’t. As with anything else, not all parts and not all circumstances are generally covered. It will be hard to find a manufacturer that will offer an unconditional warranty.

Be sure to know that the repairs for your bowfishing bow and arrow can also be costly. So if you’re investing in the complete bowfishing bow and arrow kit, let the warranty factor in to the money coming out of your wallet.